Thursday, December 30, 2010

Working With KVM QEMU Host Upgrade

I have to update one of client KVM QEMU host server for new kernel and libvirt. I need to do the backup and I'm using virt-clone as per command below. Its take around half and hour for my 62GB of VM to be clone. Example of virt-clone that Im using

virt-clone -o  Ubuntu-Zimbra-Email -n Ubuntu-Zimbra-Email301210 -f /data/backup/Ubuntu-Zimbra-Email301210.qcow2

Ubuntu-Zimbra-Email = Name of the VM to be clone (need to shutdown the VM)
Ubuntu-Zimbra-Email301210 = Name of the new VM machine.
/data/backup/Ubuntu-Zimbra-Email301210.qcow2 = Directory where you want to put the VM file.

Replace the above thats suitable with your setup.

XML file for the clone machine is created under /etc/libvirt/qemu

You can read more about virt-clone here

virt-clone take sometimes. Im using screen so I can detach my terminal without worrying the connection will be lost. Command issues in Screen can be monitor. 

Detach " Ctrl and A D

To return to session : screen -r

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