Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Between Qmail Toaster And Qmail-ldap. Ahhh Let's Pick Postfix LDAP

Migration is the only task for me that can delay or cancel a project. Qmail is the only MTA that I'm not used to. With all the nuts and bolts, better stick to Postfix. Im old already to compile and trobleshoot all those errors. Mata dah tak nampak. Hehehe.

Anyway. I need to migrate Qmail using Ldap from Sun solaris 8. Figure it out, it's much more easier to migrate with the same application but running under Linux Centos 5.

After spending the whole morning and afternoon, installing Qmail Toaster using scripts from

and stuck with the ftp could not be used to download, I've to compile the perl modules needed.

After patching the source tar ball using patch from

and hits numbers of errors related to others patches after doing the above patch.

We just find out that Qmail Toaster will not support LDAP. All related users information will be inside MySQL.

OK suppose should be no issues when I want to compile from tar ball and patch it. Hits with missing crypt library.

Feeduplah (Maglish).

Found this

in the afternoon. Haiya. Postfix is my area. Why tell me why in the afternoon, we found this article.

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